Post painting Care

A good painting job will make your home come alive.

You would go through some desolation and hardship while the painting is in progress.

Getting Started Painting Process Post Painting Care Common Defects

Some simple precautions and small steps can ensure that your walls keep looking new for a far longer time.

Washing walls

Most wall paints (like emulsions and washable distempers) are washable. This means they can be periodically cleaned with mild soap water solution. However, stubborn and very old stains are difficult to remove from the film.


Can be done at least 2 weeks after application of finished coat for removing the dust collected on the surface.

Special care

Should be taken for the passages, kitchens and children's rooms.

In Case

There is an incidence of severe staining (like spilled food) clean the walls immediately before the stain dries up.

Check your walls

Periodically for signs of paint flaking or peeling. This could be the first signs of water leakage or seepage problems.