Colour World

Will the colours match everything inside the house?

This troublesome journey was efficiently eliminated with

Scib Paints introduction of the Colour Ideas shop.

What is colour world?

Scib has created a Unified look for “Color World “showrooms from outside & inside to develop a unique experience for all customers inside Scib showrooms all over Egypt 
With an attractive main entrance which welcomes and invites to visit the showroom gives the feeling as if it’s the Scib gate to enter “The World of colors” and reflects growth and reliability that Scib ,A well designed set up the provides for both client and dealer circulation path inside the showroom

Where to find us

Step 1

Step 2

Abou Haila Franchisee
in front of the gate Tora prison
Tel. 01223930392

Markaz Talween Adam & Reda
St. 9 Mokattam in front of the old police station
Tel. 01200821462

markaz talween Al Eman Lel Decorat
St. Elgser elBarrany - Dar el Salaam
Tel. 0112302677

Markaz Talwen Farah Decor CCC
Central Plateau next to the Faculty of Pharmacy - Modern University
Tel. 01222347772

Colors R Us Franchisee
St. No. 9 - Jasmine Buildings
Tel. 01223930392

marakaz aal abdallah
The new street - Jasmine
Tel. 01120016260

The new street - Pir Om Sultan- Jasmine
Tel. 01287954288

Markz Talwen A.allah ElMwanCCC
Manshiet Nasser behind the police station Mansheya
Tel. 01226479782